Timeless Pictures is proud to be able to provide full production services for any of your needs, from development to delivery and distribution. In house services provided and administered by Timeless include financing and development as well as all aspects of production services including business affairs (with direct broadcaster licensing arrangements), production legal, clearance, budgeting, scheduling, remote dailies access, complete post production services and management of all deliverables. Timeless Pictures is managed by a seasoned team of executives who are recognized with numerous awards, both domestically and abroad across the mediums of feature film, television movies and episodic series.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Timeless Pictures has a production hub of over 12,000-square-feet which includes; office space, post facilities with edit bays, including strong a talent agency partnerships representing directors, writers, and below the line talent. Since 2020, Timeless Pictures and Basset Hound Distribution have completed over 40 films in Canada, the United States and throughout Europe, with an average 3 million dollar budget that aired in the U.S. and around the world. Our films include projects produced for networks such as E!, ABC, Fox, Netflix, Hulu, The Disney Channel, Lifetime, and The Hallmark Channel. Additionally, We have an extensive development slate, and various series set up such as a one-hour drama in development with NBCUniversal, a series with Amazon Prime and two one-hour dramas in development with The Hallmark Channel.

Utilizing a strong film community all over the world, Timeless Pictures has strong production partners in numerous regions in all aspects of the filmmarking process. Timeless Pictures is well positioned to service, finance and license, all film and television productions in any, or all capacities.

Business Affairs

Our in-house business affairs team, led by Vice President of Business Affairs Alexander Glua, provides all our projects with a full array of in-depth Business Affairs , legal, and production financing expertise. All stages of production, from developing a thorough financing plan to handling all guild and union relations, is covered under the purview of the Timeless Pictures business affairs team. Thanks to Timeless Pictures’ strong relationships with premiere Vancouver entertainment lawyers, all legal documentation, clearances, and chain of title opinions are included as part of the production services we are proud to provide.

Tax Credits

Handled by the business affairs team, Timeless Pictures provides all productions with comprehensive Tax Credit services. From drawing up tax credit estimates, to handling all tax credit applications (CAVCO, Creative BC etc.), the team at Timeless Pictures ensures that all productions are capitalizing on available governmental support to the fullest degree possible.


Timeless Pictures is proud to provide all productions with a large and experienced production accounting team. From financing insight to payroll and accounts payable expertise, the accounting team at Timeless Pictures handles all the accounting needs of a film project, no matter the scope or scale of the production.

International co-production partners

Timeless Pictures is thankful to have strong production partners all over the world. These partnerships allow for production to film virtually anywhere, such as Ireland, Norway, England, Colombia, Spain and various other countries while utilizing the tax credit incentives of each country. For a list of previous relevant films click here.


Distribution is handled in-house by the Timeless Pictures team, aided by multiple strong relationships with international and domestic distributors. From initial drafting of distribution agreements, licensing of rights to films and television productions, precise handling of chain-of-title, and the creation and delivery of all legal deliverables, the team at Timeless ensures the entire distribution process is a smooth one.

Post Production

Through Timeless Pictures’ partnership with top of the line post production facilities, we are able to provide all necessary personnel, equipment and expertise for the full completion, packaging and delivery of all films.


With our in house development team, Timeless Pictures, alongside Basset Hound Distribution is able to provide development services to any project at any stage. From projects set up with a buyer, projects looking for financing or packaging, or projects in need of developmental creative help, our extensive expertise allows us to jump in where needed.

Production Spaces

For any productions, Timeless Pictures is able to provide production office space at our Burnaby Location, as well as access to an extensive warehouse full of set dec, props, holiday and costumes for production use. Additionally, once production is wrapped, Timeless provides storage for hot stock at our lockup.

Below-The-Line Talent

We have a very strong relationship with various below-the-line agencies and are able to utilize these connections on each of our productions. Our below-the-line talent and crew are like family, and we are deeply connected within the film community in all of BC, and anywhere else we service.

Production Services

Timeless Pictures provides full in house production support for projects from MOWs, Episodic, or Features. Our talented in house team is well versed in all needs of production whether your project is a series, movie or anything in between.